Our Story



Ausden Inc is a WOOD + DESIGN company that specializes in custom furniture, wood walls, lighting + steel.

 At Ausden Inc we use our artistic talents to create unique home designs. We focus on sharing our artistic vision and style with clients. We are lovers of our community and have a studio where people can come see our work and share in the essence of what Ausden Inc is all about. Simplistic beauty. Our studio is a vintage car garage in West Nashville on Charlotte Ave.  This is where all of the elements that make Ai special begin to mesh and our visions come to life.

Our designs are a modern day representation of the American dream. 

We consider ourselves curators of bringing the past and the present together. The rawness of our artistry represents truth and simplicity.

 We take pride in being innovative and and having the opportunity to work with others with our same vision. We believe everyone deserves beautiful design.