Slow Living with Kinfolk September 22 2015

Slow Living is choosing a sacred way of providing for people that means quality takes time. We live in a world where everything is given to you as fast as you want it, and even with free shipping. This mentality is creating a culture that says your click is my command.  When we choose to support makers that wait says that someone is using their hands to create something beautiful for me.  Waiting for something  handmade in American says I care about people, ingredients, the process, and the product. All we have to do is slow down. Ausden Inc recently staged a gathering with Kinfolk magazine to sit down and have dinner at our tables with The Peach Truck, Brothers in Craft, Local Milk, as well as others to discuss the art of capturing the essence of slow living. It was meaningful.


Photo: @thepeachtruck

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Ai Caused a Scene November 22 2014

It is not just about the wood working and reclaiming. It is not just about the connections between clients or the designing....its much more. When two guys who are pursuing their passion get together...stuff happens. People are moved by their determination and vision. This is exactly what happened when Ryan and Larry Kloss from Cause a Scene Music put their heads together to plan an enchanted evening of music in our Nashville studio. When we found out that the band Joseph and Thad Cockrell were going to grace us with their incredible talents at Ai the wheels starting turning. One of the many blessing of being surrounded by incredible people is that when you see it you can create it! Our own artist Niki Adams went to work painting us the perfect array of a Nashville skyline to back the stage. It complemented the evening as the band Joseph from the beautiful Pacific Northwest took the stage. Three sisters who mock the sounds of angels harmonized as the sold out audience sat in awe of their sound. The stories paired with their music was simply mesmerizing to the point of never being the same. Their music changes you. The lyrics and sound were so pure you could not help but get lost in the experiences they sing about. Just when you thought nothing could compare Thad Cockrell took the stage and filled our hearts with even more magic. From hearing voicemails from his beloved Grandmother as he held his phone to the mic to hearing his honesty of darker times that led to beautiful song, one minute he had you hysterically laughing and the next minute tears were streaming from your eyes. The depth....the raw goodness we all crave was present. We literally did not want the night to end. Weeks have gone by but the experience is still within us and lives on as we continue to chase our dreams and live out intention here at Ausden inc. We are forever grateful to Larry and his cause and how it reaches inside of you to create a movement. If you have not been to one of Larry's shows go and check out the line up. To tap into the incredible natural acoustics at Ai and escape with Joseph listen to the song  "There's a Garden" they recorded in our studio and check out the great pictures from the rest of the night.



Brandyn +Ryan



Ai Writer's Night July 10 2014

If you know Ausden Inc you know we are on fire for community. We are constantly being inspired by the growing city of Nashville. When people gather in the name of music and life we cant help but want to soak up all that comes with embracing the likes and differences of us all. We all carry with us these lights of what make us unique and having the opportunity to feel that is what Ausden Inc is. It never fails that whatever project we are given that it takes on the essence of who we are creating it for. When we sit down together to plan an event the first thing we talk about is how can we open the doors, how can we share our studio with the city? Nashville is swarming with all of these incredible musicians. We attend writer's nights all the time and love hearing the story behind the music, but we always feel like it is cut short. We hear two or three songs but we always want more. This is what led us to our first Ai Writer's Night. We were put in touch with Lauren Crowder who put us a music line up together that exceeded our expectations beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The music was incredible and as guitars strummed on the reclaimed wood stage we built to photograph our furniture on we sat there thinking about how this once old car garage we scraped the floors of was filled with melody and joy. Like the seed we planted years ago to build this company the American way I have a feeling our Writer's Nights are going to grow right along side of our vision of bringing raw goodness to everyone because everyone deserves it. We hope you will join us for the next one.


Two of Twelve July 03 2014

We forget to talk... the good old fashion sit down and get to know you conversations of everyday are a fading into the keyboards of super highways. Thanks to the creative minds and culinary arts of the family behind Nashville's TWELVE AT THE TABLE people are coming together. Ausden Inc graciously accepted the invitation for them to come into our Nashville garage studio to host one of their fine community dinners.  All we ever want is for people to see the heart in our creations and sharing it is what we are designed to do. Our Cartwright Folding Farm table came through once again as the garage doors opened to a beautifly set table. Each guest played the part of making the evening unique. We have never sat down with ten strangers and felt like we walked away with ten new friends. Twelve at the Table has a gift and we opened it. Inside was a family that loves people and creates memorable experiences. They truly are masters of their craft... and from that others are blessed. Thank you Twelve at the Table for sharing your simplistic beauty with Ausden Inc. To share in their next community table go to


                          Photography by Jenn McDonald 



#asimpleevening June 18 2014

The simplicity of Ausden Inc has a way of making its way to some pretty incredible places. We recently had the privilege of sitting down at dinner with a group of artisans here in Nashville. We headed East to the home of the owners of The Peach Truck. The night was perfectly planned with peach incorporated dishes and locally raised beef paired with insightful conversation and acoustic strumming by Thad Cockrell and Matt Wertz.  Everyone contributed something to create such a delightful gathering and we were able to witness our Cartwright Folding Farm tables do what they do best...offer the foundation for something bigger. They look the most beautiful when they are lit up with the fellowship of people.  The Fresh Exchange is a blog that features #asimpleevening filled with life's essence and celebrates the simplicity of people coming together and enjoying one another under a candlelit wonderland of goodness. When we are given the opportunity to share our gifts with others we are so thankful and we sit back in awe of what is to come. 



A Simple Evening - Nashville from The Fresh Exchange on Vimeo.


Ausden Inc is "MADE SOUTH" June 09 2014

MADE SOUTH is a company that discovers and supports Southern makers. They search the American South to find great things being made by great people. Four times a year they ship three really cool Southern-made products directly to your door. The family behind MADE SOUTH are Christopher and Kimberly Thomas and their three beautiful children. Not only do they have an incredible vision, they are also amazing people. We had the honor of having them in the Ausden Inc studio to help make a video to represent who they are and what they do. We hope you will visit and join the MADE SOUTH family!