Slow Living with Kinfolk September 22 2015

Slow Living is choosing a sacred way of providing for people that means quality takes time. We live in a world where everything is given to you as fast as you want it, and even with free shipping. This mentality is creating a culture that says your click is my command.  When we choose to support makers that wait says that someone is using their hands to create something beautiful for me.  Waiting for something  handmade in American says I care about people, ingredients, the process, and the product. All we have to do is slow down. Ausden Inc recently staged a gathering with Kinfolk magazine to sit down and have dinner at our tables with The Peach Truck, Brothers in Craft, Local Milk, as well as others to discuss the art of capturing the essence of slow living. It was meaningful.


Photo: @thepeachtruck

Photo: @laurakgodwin

 Photo: @passtheprettyblog