Ai Writer's Night July 10 2014

If you know Ausden Inc you know we are on fire for community. We are constantly being inspired by the growing city of Nashville. When people gather in the name of music and life we cant help but want to soak up all that comes with embracing the likes and differences of us all. We all carry with us these lights of what make us unique and having the opportunity to feel that is what Ausden Inc is. It never fails that whatever project we are given that it takes on the essence of who we are creating it for. When we sit down together to plan an event the first thing we talk about is how can we open the doors, how can we share our studio with the city? Nashville is swarming with all of these incredible musicians. We attend writer's nights all the time and love hearing the story behind the music, but we always feel like it is cut short. We hear two or three songs but we always want more. This is what led us to our first Ai Writer's Night. We were put in touch with Lauren Crowder who put us a music line up together that exceeded our expectations beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The music was incredible and as guitars strummed on the reclaimed wood stage we built to photograph our furniture on we sat there thinking about how this once old car garage we scraped the floors of was filled with melody and joy. Like the seed we planted years ago to build this company the American way I have a feeling our Writer's Nights are going to grow right along side of our vision of bringing raw goodness to everyone because everyone deserves it. We hope you will join us for the next one.