#asimpleevening June 18 2014

The simplicity of Ausden Inc has a way of making its way to some pretty incredible places. We recently had the privilege of sitting down at dinner with a group of artisans here in Nashville. We headed East to the home of the owners of The Peach Truck. The night was perfectly planned with peach incorporated dishes and locally raised beef paired with insightful conversation and acoustic strumming by Thad Cockrell and Matt Wertz.  Everyone contributed something to create such a delightful gathering and we were able to witness our Cartwright Folding Farm tables do what they do best...offer the foundation for something bigger. They look the most beautiful when they are lit up with the fellowship of people.  The Fresh Exchange is a blog that features #asimpleevening filled with life's essence and celebrates the simplicity of people coming together and enjoying one another under a candlelit wonderland of goodness. When we are given the opportunity to share our gifts with others we are so thankful and we sit back in awe of what is to come. 



A Simple Evening - Nashville from The Fresh Exchange on Vimeo.