Ai Caused a Scene November 22 2014

It is not just about the wood working and reclaiming. It is not just about the connections between clients or the designing....its much more. When two guys who are pursuing their passion get together...stuff happens. People are moved by their determination and vision. This is exactly what happened when Ryan and Larry Kloss from Cause a Scene Music put their heads together to plan an enchanted evening of music in our Nashville studio. When we found out that the band Joseph and Thad Cockrell were going to grace us with their incredible talents at Ai the wheels starting turning. One of the many blessing of being surrounded by incredible people is that when you see it you can create it! Our own artist Niki Adams went to work painting us the perfect array of a Nashville skyline to back the stage. It complemented the evening as the band Joseph from the beautiful Pacific Northwest took the stage. Three sisters who mock the sounds of angels harmonized as the sold out audience sat in awe of their sound. The stories paired with their music was simply mesmerizing to the point of never being the same. Their music changes you. The lyrics and sound were so pure you could not help but get lost in the experiences they sing about. Just when you thought nothing could compare Thad Cockrell took the stage and filled our hearts with even more magic. From hearing voicemails from his beloved Grandmother as he held his phone to the mic to hearing his honesty of darker times that led to beautiful song, one minute he had you hysterically laughing and the next minute tears were streaming from your eyes. The depth....the raw goodness we all crave was present. We literally did not want the night to end. Weeks have gone by but the experience is still within us and lives on as we continue to chase our dreams and live out intention here at Ausden inc. We are forever grateful to Larry and his cause and how it reaches inside of you to create a movement. If you have not been to one of Larry's shows go and check out the line up. To tap into the incredible natural acoustics at Ai and escape with Joseph listen to the song  "There's a Garden" they recorded in our studio and check out the great pictures from the rest of the night.



Brandyn +Ryan